Commercial Energy Efficiency

Looking for Ways to Make your Business More Energy Efficient?

There are many ways your company could save electricity. Some may seem obvious, like using energy-efficient light bulbs, but there are also “energy vampires” lurking in every commercial building or office space. These innocent-looking pieces of equipment draw power all the time, even when they’re not being used.

commercial interior lighting

Whether your facility is large or small, old or new, Graf Electric’s experienced team offers a variety of solutions to help your business improve its energy use.

  • Energy-efficient outlet and light switch retrofits
  • Power quality testing and consulting
  • Eliminate or reduce standby power use
  • Install timers or dimmers on light switches
  • Energy-efficient light fixture upgrades
  • Motion-controlled lighting
  • Many more!

Why is it Important for Your Company to Save Energy?

Conserving electricity is good for the environment and for your company’s bottom line. The amount of energy the average commercial building wastes is 30 percent! If you’ve never done anything to save energy at your building, chances are you have areas to improve.

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, commercial energy use represents nearly 20% of all the energy used in the United States. As a result, there are often state and federal tax credits for improving commercial energy efficiency. Saving electricity also reduces your company’s operating expenses.

Graf Electric can help Reduce your Commercial Energy Use

It’s often possible to reduce energy use by around 10 percent with little cost. Start with simple changes, like adjusting temperature and making sure lights aren’t on when a room is unoccupied. Then get expert help from a licensed electrician who can take you a step further.

Graf Electric, Inc. has been serving Wichita and south central Kansas since 1968. Our professional master electricians will do a thorough evaluation of your company’s current power use. Then, you’ll receive customized recommendations to help your business save energy, money, and the environment by using less electricity.

Contact Graf Electric today to discuss all the ways to make your business more energy efficient. Or, call us at (316) 686-2090.