Commercial Surge Protection

If you’re a business or company owner, then you understand the importance of making sure that your place of work is always in tip-top shape. Part of making sure that your business is always fully operational is protecting it against Wichita’s brutal weather and storms, and guaranteeing its functionality during a power surge.

commercial surge protection
Business without power

Power Surges Can Hurt Your Business

When there is a sudden increase in voltage to your power supply, a power surge occurs. A surge can also occur when the flow of energy is interrupted, or when there is a direct “surge” of energy to a transformer. Lightning typically causes the latter type of power surge. Other, more common types of power surges are internal—meaning they are caused by appliances within your business’ building. Usually the culprits are big energy hogs, like refrigerators or air conditioning systems.

The biggest concern with power surges is that a power surge can destroy your appliances, or quickly deteriorate their condition either by blowing fuses or degrading the internal circuit. A power surge that occurs in an office or other commercial building can result in a power outage for the entire building, and can destroy expensive hardware, such as computers or servers. A power surge can also compromise sensitive material or result in the loss of important files—and, in turn, a loss of business.

Get Started With Power Surge Protection

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