EV Charging Station Installation

For safety and convenience, it’s no secret that your home’s garage is the best place to charge your electric car overnight. Graf Electric provides professional EV charging station installation in Wichita KS and surrounding communities. Our licensed residential electricians are highly skilled at installing and servicing residential EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) for a variety of manufacturers.

Ready to learn more about adding electric vehicle charging equipment to your home? Contact Graf Electric today for a free quote for EVSE installation.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Home EV Charging Station Installation Includes:

  • Inspection of all equipment before and after installation
  • Professional EVSE installation by a licensed electrician
  • Equipment installation according to manufacturer specifications
  • Electrical system upgrade, including a dedicated circuit with 40 AMP, 240-volt circuit and 8 AWG wiring
  • Installation of EVSE which meets all national and local codes and requirements
  • Inspection of complete system after installation, including initial vehicle charge
  • Review and provide all EVSE warranty and safety information with customer

We Service Electric Vehicle Chargers

Having issues with your home EVSE? Is your electric vehicle charging too slow, not charging at all, or do you have safety concerns about your charging equipment? Tired of visiting the local electric car charging stations?

Graf Electric services all EVSE from many manufacturers including Tesla, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and more. Contact us today to discuss your concerns and schedule an inspection.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation for All Manufacturers

Graf Electric installs home EV charging equipment for all manufacturers. Whether you own a Tesla, Jaguar, Nissan, Smart mini car, or any other type of electric car, we’re your local EVSE installer of choice.

Our EV charging installation team is trained to install home electric vehicle chargers to exact manufacturer specifications.

Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment for EV charging station installation in the Wichita area.

Home EVSE installation