Home Surge Protection

Kansas is no stranger to storms. Homeowners in Wichita know that during a thunder storm, their power system and electric grid aren’t always reliable. If a power surge occurs, home appliances or operating systems can be damaged—which can be both costly and dangerous to you and your family. Thankfully, you can protect your home and your family with residential house surge protection.

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What Causes Power Surges?

Natural events, like lightning and thunderstorms, can be one cause of residential power surges. When lighting strikes near a power line, it can cause a drastic voltage spike—resulting in a power surge in connected homes (and, potentially, major damage to your electronics thanks to short circuiting or burning).

Faulty wiring, wire crossovers, or events that occur within your household can also cause residential power surges. Even more commonly, AC motors, refrigeration motors, dishwasher motors, or washer and dryer motors may cause a residential power surge.

When it comes to electrical surges, if you don’t take measures to keep your home safe, anything that requires a lot of power to operate can be a culprit.

Why Do I Need Residential Surge Protection?

By pushing voltage towards the ground, a surge protector keeps your home, your electronics, and your family safe from incoming surges and conduction that can be caused from outdoor moisture. Not only will a residential surge protector save you from having to make costly repairs or replace expensive equipment (such as your AC) but it will also prevent a great deal of wear and tear on your appliances and electronics.

Electrical surges can also be dangerous, and if you’ve ever witnessed one, you know that a power surge usually comes with a bit of a boom and a flash of light. If you’re standing too close when a surge happens, you risk being burned or even electrocuted.

Protect Your Home Against Power Surges

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Don’t take the risk of endangering your loved ones or having to spend hundreds of dollars in costly repairs due to unforeseen and damaging power surges.