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In Wichita, we’re no strangers to power outages when it comes to summertime storms. This is only a small inconvenience at home because we can light candles and use our laptop computers until the batteries deplete; but what about a power outage at your business? That could mean losing valuable time, money and documents that you shouldn’t have to worry about losing. Here are seven reasons why your Wichita business needs a commercial generator for emergency backup power.

1. Automatically Restores Power In Seconds

Today’s generators can start working in a matter of seconds. These are smart systems that will work automatically, whether you are in the building or not, and whether your business is open or closed. All of your business’s vital systems will automatically turn back on in mere seconds, including your computers, security systems, refrigerators, air conditioning or heat and other important operating equipment.

2. Keeps Lights and Security Systems On

Generators have a transfer switches that can detect when a major storm leads to a loss of electrical power. The generator automatically turns on, continuing to power your business’ lighting and security system, which helps to keep your business and your employees safe. This also prevents break ins and theft due to a dark interior and exterior.

3. Allows You to Maintain Customer Contact

If you have a commercial generator installed for your business, you won’t have to worry about customers not being able to contact you due to a power outage. A backup power source could mean the difference between a new customer and a lost customer, or a happy customer and a frustrated customer.

4. Prevents Loss of Income

Unless you have a source of emergency power that doesn’t rely on the municipal power grid, your business can’t effectively operate until electricity begins flowing through the lines again. This would force your business to keep its doors closed, causing you to lose money every day that you’re unable to operate.

When you have a backup generator, you are protecting your revenue stream by eliminating any downtime for your business. You are also able to save any items in the building that rely on climate control.

A generator that connects to your business’ electrical lines provides a reliable source of backup power. This will ensure your business stays open, your employees make money, your customers stay happy and your company continues to bring in revenue.

5. Protects Your Computers

Many businesses sustain computer damage when the electricity goes out. It’s especially important to have a backup generator if your business relies on computers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A commercial backup generator shouldn’t be optional, but rather a necessary piece of office equipment.

6. Prevents Loss of Electronic Data

Your business’ computers can be destroyed during a power outage, but what about the data on those computers? Data stored on the hard drives could be lost in the event of a power outage. Even if you have a regularly scheduled data backup, you should consider combining that with an emergency generator. A loss of electricity can cause your computers to lose data that you rely on to stay in operation, or even data that is required by law to be kept for a certain length of time.

7. A Commercial Generator Helps Increase Value to Customers

If you’re a business owner in Wichita, you know how unpredictable and severe our summertime storms can be. By investing in a source of backup power, you’ll always be able to continue providing services to customers. When power lines are pulled down, other businesses will have no other option but to close their doors until the damage is repaired, but you will be able to stay open.

Customers eventually develop loyalty to a business. When they are unable to visit the business, or get ahold of the business at any time during regular operating hours, they will not feel valued as a loyal customer; you risk them taking their business elsewhere or leaving a negative review.

Without commercial generators in place, a power outage could lead to a serious loss in revenue and could potentially harm your company’s reputation. Call Graf Electric at 316-686-2090 to get started protecting your business.

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