Exterior lighting

Let there be light! Outdoor lighting improves your property’s safety, security and curb appeal. Here’s how.


Here in South Central Kansas, we experience several months per year with dark mornings and early nights. Even in the spring and summer, stormy and overcast skies reduce visibility. This makes unlit areas an open invitation for slips, trips and falls.

Businesses can help prevent these unfortunate and costly injuries with well-lit entrances, sidewalks and parking lots. At home, porch lighting and sufficient driveway lighting (such as flood lights or landscape lights) can help family members and guests get from car to door safely.


A brightly-lit business parking lot helps deter thieves and vandals while giving customers and employees a greater feeling of security as they walk to and from their cars. On the flipside, a dark lot may prevent safety-conscious customers from visiting your location altogether.

On the home front, unlit areas such as back doors and side entrances provide perfect cover for break-ins or future thieves scoping out your place. Shed some light on the situation with security lights such as motion-activated floodlights or timer lights.

Curb Appeal

A well-lit business exterior is welcoming to customers. It sends the message that you’re open for business and ready to go. (The opposite is also true. Have you ever driven away from a poorly lit business because you weren’t sure it was open?)

At home, landscape lighting brightens up your garden, pool, patio, deck and more. You can enjoy your outdoor living space for longer hours, or dazzle guests at your next get-together.

Concerned About the Cost? New Innovations in Exterior Lighting Save Time, Money and Energy.

Thanks to new technologies, you can now reap all the benefits of outdoor lighting while watching your budget. Motion-sensor and dusk-to-dawn timer lights shine light when you need it and turn off when you don’t. LED lighting offers comparable or better light quality than other types, but uses only a fraction of the energy….resulting in lower power costs for you. LED’s long life span also means fewer replacements and less maintenance.

If you’d like to know more about energy-efficient lighting, or want to discuss your outdoor lighting needs for your home or business, the professionals at Graf Electric are happy to help. In Wichita and the surrounding areas, give us a call at 316-686-2090.

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