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Adding light dimmers to your home, from simple light switch devices to easy-to-use automated systems, can provide many benefits. Dimmer switches are an economical, simple way to make a big difference in your home’s lighting appeal, as well as in your energy use. They can also change the mood of a room instantly, providing the right lighting for any situation.

Types of Lighting Controls

Commonly called “wallbox” dimmers, these simple manual control devices are available in several different types to match other switches in the same room.

  • Integrated: Integrated dimming systems are versatile because you are able to create multiple lighting presets for one room. Then, a button on the wall or a wireless control is used to select the settings.
  • Touch: Touch dimmers also allow change in lighting with just one button. You can use one-touch recall to switch back to the prior level of light, and some touch dimmers use a lighted indicator to show the current setting.
  • Slide: Slide dimmers provide manual control of your lighting. Some slide dimmers also have a button so you can easily switch to a prior setting.
  • Rotary: Rotary dimmers are also manual, and they operate on a dial. Many also have push-button control that allows you to turn off the light and retain the current setting.

Most dimmers come in an assortment of colors, finishes and designs.

Automated Light Dimmers

Dimming switches can be operated manually, or you can control them through an intuitive app on your phone. Lutron Caséta dimmers and switches install in minutes and work with numerous bulb types including dimmable LEDs and CFLs, and bring the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips.

The Lutron app, compatible with Apple and Android, is a free app that allows you to control your home’s lighting through the touch of a button. You can create personalized lighting scenes, or schedule lights to turn on or off whenever you choose.

Increase Light Bulb Longevity

Light bulbs last longer when you use a dimmer. If you dim the lights by at least 25%, you will save approximately 1/5 of the electricity required. A light bulb without a dimmer usually lasts five to six months, but a light bulb with a dimmer can last up to four years.

Dimmers Can Help Save Energy

Light dimmers have been around for a long time, and throughout the years, their energy efficiency has only improved. Dimmers used to work by decreasing a light’s brightness by feeding less electricity into the bulb and converting the remaining energy into heat. It worked, but it was dangerous and didn’t save energy. Now, thanks to technological advancements, modern dimmers have the ability to truly reduce your energy consumption.

Add Ambience in an Instant

In addition to saving money, dimmer switches have the ability to change the ambience in any room. If you prefer to have all of the lights off in the day, bright lights around dinnertime and dim lights after dark, many dimmer switches can be programed to do this automatically based on the time you set. Dimmer switches have advanced greatly from the typical rotary style dimmers that used to be common.

Appear to be Home When You’re Away

By setting your lights on a timer, or even controlling them through an app on your phone while you’re away, you can appear to be home even if you’re hundreds of miles away. This helps to provide security while out of town or even returning home after dark.

Help Yourself Fall Asleep

Some studies show that lowering the lights one hour before you go to sleep will help you fall asleep quicker. With a dimmer switch, you can either lower the lights manually or program them to lower at a specific time each night. This will help you set a regular sleep schedule and train your body to fall asleep at the same time every night. If you have blackout curtains, you can set a time for the lights to turn on in the morning so you rise out of bed feeling well-rested.

Dimmer switches prove that simple updates can make a big difference in your home’s appeal and your family’s lifestyle. Simplify your life, save money and provide extra security to your home and family by installing light dimmers.

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